As you can tell from the URL, my name is Matt Elsberry.  Born in Georgia, I have lived all of my life, surrounded in Southern heritage.  From blessing everyone’s heart, to drinking sweet tea, I have shared in the quintessential southern traditions.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes my surroundings get the best of me and I find myself cringing at some of the lifestyles and idiosyncrasies  of my fellow Southerners.

At times, I wonder if I really belong in this neck of the woods.  My entire region is engulfed in football. High school and College football is the center of most everything here, and I could give a rat’s ass about it.  At times, I get sucked in to a discussion about football and I feel like I am in a foreign country, confused and totally bored of the conversations around me.

I also attend church at times.  Though I am not a regular member of any church, my family is and I share in that experience with them.  I like the morals and life lessons that are taught in church.  I can see it reflecting in my children.  However, one of my favorite interests, science, tends to contradict from time to time what is taught in church and I find myself in a constant tug-of-war.  Nonetheless, I do receive positive emotions and experiences from my religious position, which is enough for me to continue forward.

I guess the above description is my segueway into my profession(s).  For 13 years, I was a law enforcement officer, working for two local Sheriff’s Offices between those years.  For the majority of those years, I worked specifically as a Criminal Investigator.  I worked a range of different case-types, however I was always assigned more cybercrime and crimes against children cases than others.  After countless pleas, dismissals, deals, etc… I became fed up with the lack of closure and the amount of repeat-offenders became monotonous. However my desire to help others has yet to subside.

After 13 years, I decided to apply my technical knowledge and enter the field of Information Technology, full-time.  During my Law Enforcement career, I was fortunate enough to take classes at the local Technical College for Networking as well as receive training from the GBI in cybercrimes investigations, thus increasing my Network security skills.  I now own a Managed IT Services firm and support multiple businesses and local municipalities.


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